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For the Easter and summer season 2012 the MGA will be offering the following  courses, which are suitable for non-native and native speakers of Modern Greek and English alike:


Business interpreting Modern Greek - English and English - Modern Greek 1 (BI 1)

It is the purpose of this course to teach the basics of intercultural communication in business settings and to provide training in the necessary interpreting skills.

The course will go into the basucs of consecutive liaison interpreting.  Students should have at least a level of B2 in both languages.  The course is taught in twenty contact hours over two weeks and can be combined with a course in Modern Greek language.


Business interpreting Modern Greek - English and English - Modern Greek 2 (BI 2)

This course builds upon the skills acquired in the course BI 1.  The course is aimed at deepening the knowledge of the particularities that might obstruct communication over cultural borders, improve not only their consecutive interpreting skills, but are also inroduced into whisper interpreting.  This course is also taught over two weeks (20 contact hours) and can be combined witn BI 1 and/ or  a course in Modern Greek.


Translation of administrative / legal texts from English into Modern Greek1 (TAL 1)

This course aims at introducing the students into translating.  This introductory course will provide the basics of translating, an introduction to comparative stylistics (comparison of different text design in different cultures) and the training of the basic skills for the translation of institutional texts. The students should have a level of at least B1 in Modern Greek.  This course covers two weeks (20 contact hours). 



Translation of administrative / legal texts from English into Modern Greek 2 (TAL 2)


This course aims at enhancing the skills acquired in TAL 1. The students will translate texts of an administrative and legal nature. The texts will range from a birth certificate to a contract. This course covers two weeks (20 contact hours).  Before booking the courseplease consult us on your level of Greek) 


Courses A, B, C and D

will start on Monday 9th April (Easter course), on June 25th, July 2nd, July 16th, July 30th and on August 13th


Other academic courses

Academic courses in Classical Greek, Greek and European history, European culture, Anthropology, Linguistics, Balkan studies, International Relations available upon request for groups of university students.

The programme can be of any duration ranging from a week to a term coupled with extensive travelling in Greece, Italy, Albania and the rest of the Balkans. The academic courses can be offered upon request throughout the year.

Arrangements can be made to meet academic criteria of the home institution in order to ensure accreditation of the attended course. Please contact us with your request and we will come back to you with a proposal.

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